The sadistic blonde literally beats the cum out of the trapped cock
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April 1, 2013
Violet enjoys having all the power over the defenseless penis poking through the crude GLORYHOLE device. The dominant blonde beauty is in the mood to hurt a cock. This glory hole isn't like others. There's NO WAY the penis can be removed from the hole. This femdom hand job won't be enjoyable. Violet teases the foot slave with her creamy soles and toes. The slave is forced to lick and clean her stinky size eight feet. The extended foot worship leads to a rock hard cock that will be abused and MILKED by Violet. The pole stroking princess shows off her incredible handjob skills on the captive cock. The cruel handjob ends with one of the MOST sadistic POST orgasm milkings ever! The brick house blonde shows NO mercy to the man meat. She enjoyed inflicting pain to the penis and draining it bone dry.


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