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    • Little Jenni and the Big WHITE cock squirted together

    • featuring: Jenni Bliss

    • categories: gloryhole ruined orgasm female orgasm squirting post orgasm abuse

    • date: Mar 13, 2017

    • duration: 16:11

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    • Little Jenni is in the cockbox with her vibrating pussy massager by her side. The pint sized handjob princess can't believe the size of the penis poking through the gloryhole. The unknown 12inch cock did it for Jenni. She looked directly at the unknown dick while the vibrator gave her orgasm after orgasm. Looking at the Monster cock wasn't enough though. She lubed up the long man meat and began stroking it with one hand. The other hand kept the vibrator fixed to her swollen sensitive clit. Then it HAPPENED! She squirted. Little Jenni had a monster orgasm and squirted while jerking the BIG WHITE cock. She never stopped pleasuring her pussy and soon the plus sized penis surrendered it's load. This is an amazing Ruined orgasm. Jenni lets the erection go as soon as it began cumming. She watched each drop of Semen cum out and had another powerful orgasm. This handjob wasn't over. Jenni milked the anonymous penis long after orgasm. Great cockbox handjob!