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    • Her braces and LIP gloss were TOO much for the little penis

    • featuring: Melissa Campbell

    • categories: brunette pov blowjob post orgasm abuse

    • date: Jul 11, 2016

    • duration: 10:06

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    • Melissa put lots of lip gloss on her full figured lips. The beautiful 19 year old has a mouth FULL of metal and a love of cock. The big eyed brunette used her tongue the tease the sensitive penis head. This made the little cock harden quickly. The colorful bands in her braces show as the teasing blowjob continues. Lots of salvia drench the small cock as she did her BEST to deepthroat it. Melissa beat the hard ERECTION on her out stretched tongue revealing her shiny mouth of metal. The slow teasing blowjob caused the small cock to explode. The cum filled cock COATED her big lips with semen. With fresh cum dripping from her chin, Melissa continued to stroking the ultra sensitive cock.