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    • Her small hands played a Big role in this RUINED Orgasm

    • featuring: Bailey Paige

    • categories: brunette ruined orgasm bondage device face sitting post orgasm abuse edging cfnm

    • date: Mar 27, 2017

    • duration: 15:13

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    • Tipping the scale at ninety five pounds and standing a mere five foot two inches makes Bailey tiny. Size won't matter since her slave is confirmed to the "Torso Milker". The Torso-milker is a crude bondage device that renders the arms and legs useless. Bailey will have TOTAL control over the slaves cock and face. The little handjob vixen shows off her excellent "teasing style" handjob on the helpless Erection. She forced the defenseless slave to inhale her Asshole as she sat on his face and stroked his cock. Bailey enjoyed taunting and teasing the bound slave during this Femdom handjob. It wasn't long before the BIG hard penis succumb to her small hands. As soon as the cock started Cumming, she stopped stroking. The cruel penis puppet watched in amazement as the captive cock ejaculated. She could have helped the cock, but didn't. The pint sized PENIS puller wasn't done with the spent dick. With complete control and NO Fear of retaliation she forcefully stroked the sensitive Dick head long after orgasm. His discomfort brought her pleasure.