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    • Cruel blonde Mistress brings Dick to the edge of Orgasm and lets go

    • featuring: Shelby Paige

    • categories: ruined orgasm bondage device blonde post orgasm abuse edging cock abuse cock slapping

    • date: Sep 22, 2016

    • duration: 15:18

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    • Shelby's slave is confined to the kneeling milker. The KNEELING milker is a crude bondage device that renders the slaves' arms and legs completely useless. The beautiful blonde handjob princess has TOTAL control over the dangling DICK. The FemDom handjob produced a rock SOLID erection in NO time. The unguarded erect PENIS suffered abuse from the cruel blonde Mistress. The dominant diva enjoyed slapping and beating the dead meat dick. Shelby brought the DICK to the edge of Orgasm and let go. The pulsing SPERM shooting cock had a hands FREE Orgasm. The evil cock tugger watched each drop of CUM fall to the ground. Once the penis was done MILKING on it's OWN, she stepped in. Shelby's began to ATTACK the ultra sensitive unprotected PENIS. She even used expelled MAN battier off the floor on the spent cock.