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    • Violets weird gloryhole DREAM became the DICK's worst nightmare

    • featuring: Violet Skye

    • categories: gloryhole ruined orgasm bondage device blonde foot fetish post orgasm abuse cock abuse cock slapping

    • date: Sep 05, 2016

    • duration: 13:58

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    • Violet goes to sleep with dick on the brain. The beautiful blonde Mistress awakes to find a cock poking out of her bed. She can't believe HER dream came true. This gloryhole isn't like others. The penis CANNOT be removed from the hole. Perfect for a sadistic cock abusing beauty like Violet. Violet used lots of lube on the prick poking through the gloryhole. The teasing FemDom handjob caused a MAJOR erection. Violet beat the unguarded PENIS without any regarding for it's well being. The harsh handjob caused the anonymous DICK to get harder. Violets hands and feet pushed the unidentified DICK past the point of NO return. The evil handjob Mistress let go just before the penis began ejaculating. She watched intently and laughed as the SEMEN poured from the abandon penis. Violet waited until the dick was NO longer pushing out CUM. Then she went absolutely NUTS on the spent cock. She enjoyed tormenting the extra SENSITIVE cock head. If this was a normal gloryhole the penis would have been removed from the hole to avoid the ABUSE. It's NOT.