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    • Her Parents took drastic measures to STOP her bad behavoir

    • featuring: Violet Skye

    • categories: gloryhole ruined orgasm blonde foot fetish post orgasm abuse taboo cock abuse cock slapping

    • date: Oct 03, 2016

    • duration: 14:18

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    • Violet has been fucking up at school. Incomplete homework assignments, poor attendance. Typical teenage behavior. The rebellious blonde never expected the TABOO punishment she would be given. For being a "fuck up" the bitchy blonde must jerk off her VIRGIN kid brother. Parents rules. Violet is totally disgusted by the thought of giving her brother a handjob. She will only have access to his cock through the Milking Table. The frustrated teen takes ALL her frustration on the out on the dangling dick. This gloryhole handjob will not be a enjoyable one. The expert penis puller gets her brothers cock hard in No time. She abuses the VIRGIN erection horribly. Her hands and sock covered feet have their way with the unguarded penis. Soon the FemDom handjob pushes the First Time dick past the point of no return. The cruel blonde removes her hands while the cock was ejaculating. She watches and laughs while her brothers penis pours out SEMEN all by its-self. Once the penis was done milking, VIOLET beat the hell out of sibling dick. A very painful and prolonged POST ORGASM MILKING.