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    • Trinity milked a months worth of cum on her big breasts

    • featuring: Trinity Michaels

    • categories: brunette bondage device big tits post orgasm abuse small penis humiliation cock slapping verbal humiliation objectification

    • date: Dec 27, 2018

    • duration: 14:36

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    • Trinity's tits are big, natural and make for an excellent cumshot target. Her 34F breasts require a larger load than most breasts to adequately cover them. Her male captive is bound to the kneeling milker. The kneeling milker is a crude bondage device that renders the limbs useless leaving the penis completely exposed. It's obvious from the start of this femdom handjob video she's not impressed with penis in the gimp suit. It's too small. The busty brunette verbally and physically abuses her captive throughout the handjob video. All the cock stroking and teasing built-up a huge sperm load inside the beta-balls. This cock exploded! The amount of cum that came out of this cock was truly impressive. Trinity's ball draining handjob wasn't done when the cum came out. The top heavy penis puller continued to abuse the cock long after orgasm. Even after the cock was done producing sperm Trinity continued to torment the flaccid male member.