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    • Busty Bella made sure too ruin this orgasm

    • featuring: Bella Blaze

    • categories: brunette ruined orgasm bondage device big tits post orgasm abuse cock slapping objectification

    • date: Nov 23, 2018

    • duration: 26:12

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    • The kneeling milker is a crude but highly effective bondage device. Used for draining cocks dry, the kneeling milker renders the slaves’ arms and legs useless. The penis is totally exposed and thrust forward toward Mistress Bella. Limp at first, the lifeless dick grew larger and larger as the busty handjob queen began stroking. With each stroke of the cock, those natural 36F breasts sway and bounce. Having complete control over the ten inch erection, caused shy Bella to cum out of her shell. Forcefully she struck the hard dick repeatedly. Surprisingly, the penis abuse made the erection much harder. Unable to hold back any longer the penis began to ejaculate. She let go of it! As soon as semen began shooting out, she let go. The penis twitches and jumps as massive amounts of semen pour from the head of it. Once the spent cock is done ejaculating, Bella attacks it. She goes right for the sensitive head of the penis. The slave is in extreme pain. He screams as his body jerks violently. Too bad. There is nothing that can be done to stop Mistress Bella from tormenting the sensitive male organ.