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    • A slow teasing bondage blowjob by Chelcie

    • featuring: Chelcie Monroe

    • categories: brunette bondage device blowjob post orgasm abuse edging

    • date: Sep 07, 2018

    • duration: 14:43

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    • The sub has been fitted with wrists and ankle restraints attached too spreader bars. A blindfold restricts his sight as well. The heavy duty restraints render the fit-sub defenseless. Chelcie slowly sucks the soft dick. This girl has incredible blowjob skills. The cock went from soft too hard in no time. She sucks slowly, using her lips and tongue to the fullest. Chelcieā€™s slow, edging blowjob had the bondage cock on the verge of bursting. The amateur handjob model put the captive cock through the paces with her hands as well. She teased the swollen dickhead with the tips of her fingers. Her awesome handjob skills kept the hard cock in orgasm purgatory. All the cock teasing resulted in a large release of cum. Chelcie continued stroking the sensitive meat stick long after orgasm.