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    • She had lots and lots of ORGASMS giving this Gloryhole handjob

    • featuring: Amber Sativa

    • categories: gloryhole ruined orgasm big tits female orgasm blonde post orgasm abuse

    • date: Apr 10, 2017

    • duration: 18:50

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    • Amber is in the Cock Box. She can't keep her eyes off the long penis coming through the hole. The multi-tasking blonde pleasured her pussy with a powerful vibrator while stroking the anonymous MAN MEAT. With her eyes fixed on the gloryhole cock and vibrator pressed firmly against her pussy she had Orgasm after Orgasm. Her tits are SO big she can suck on them while masturbating. The gloryhole handjob keeps the extra large dick very stiff. Amber's awesome handjob skills push the penis Past the Point of NO Return. The beautiful blonde let go of the ejaculating cock and watched the sperm pour out from the unknown sperm donor. The RUINED ORGASM left Amber covered in cum. She didn't mind it though. She kept tugging on the spent cock too ensure she drained every drop of MAN milk from the gloryhole cock.