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    • Witness the real life of a beta-male and a busty beauty

    • featuring: Tasha Knox

    • categories: big tits female orgasm face sitting redhead post orgasm abuse objectification

    • date: Jul 04, 2018

    • duration: 12:54

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    • It's a hot summer day in Florida. Temperatures are nearing triple digits. Top heavy Tasha begins each day with a run. The busty beauty jogs the neighborhood. Her huge natural breasts flirt with falling out of her t-shirt with each stride. Meanwhile, at home, a bound beta-male awaits Tasha's sweaty ass. After each run the slave must clean her ripe, sweat drenched asshole with his tongue. Perched on the slaves face, she masturbates with a powerful vibrator. The warm beta-tongue buried in her asshole as she vibed her clit resulted in multiple female orgasms. Having served his purpose the beta-cock is slow stroked. The slow teasing femdom handjob manipulated the unguarded erection to perfection. Soon the cock explodes, shooting out thick white globs of semen. Tasha continues stroking the sensitive cock long after orgasm. The slave screams and jerks violently as the penis punishment continues. Satisfied the slave balls were completely empty, Tasha pulls him by the dick, leading the beta-male back too the closet. The ass licking beta will remain there until her next run.