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    • The penis head never lost sensation after orgasm, not good!

    • featuring: Heather Gables

    • categories: bondage device female orgasm blonde blowjob post orgasm abuse edging

    • date: Apr 30, 2018

    • duration: 15:29

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    • Heather's slave donned a sight restrictive hood while being bound securely too the kneeling milker. The kneeling milker is a crude bondage device that renders the arms and legs useless. All that remains is a defenseless completely exposed piece of cock-meat. Mistress Gables pleasures her pussy with a vibrator while sucking the slaves' suspended cock. Her slow-teasing femdom blowjob made the limp penis stand at full attention. After several female orgasms, the young cock general began the femdom handjob. Heather is a master of the edging handjob. She brings the cock edge, never allowing it too lose erection or achieve orgasm. This meat-stick is totally under her control! She only traces the tips of her manicured fingers underneath the head of the cock causing it too bounce and bob uncontrollably. This discovery brought out a cruel sadistic side of Heather. The bound slave must endure Heather’s cruel handjob. Unable to withstand the slow edging handjob any longer, the penis exploded. Cum rope after cum rope shot out of the cock. What happened afterwards maybe one of the greatest post orgasm milkings ever!