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    • She sucked, after he came, She sucked again

    • featuring: Galas Scott

    • categories: bondage device big tits blonde blowjob post orgasm abuse

    • date: Jan 29, 2018

    • duration: 16:15

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    • You’re about to witness a girl with an uncontrollable oral fixation. Galas wants a warm throbbing cock in her mouth. Her slave-cock is completely helpless thanks too a crude bondage device. The slave lies flat on his back, sandwiched between two pieces of hickory wood. The top piece of wood has a hole cut out for the penis to pass through. The slaves arms are secured to the bottom board. Once the proper adjustments have been made the slave is reduced to just a cum-filled-cock. The petite blonde will not stop sucking this cock!Like a starving animal, Galas devours the dick, sucking as if her life depended on it. She wraps those full lips around the cock, taking it in her throat balls-deep. The warm mouth and soft tongue finally prove too much for the captive cock. Like a volcano, the dick begins shooting cum, squirting it high and hard. With deflated testicles, and a ultra sensitive dick-head, the video should have ended. That’s was not the case. Galas torments the sensitive male organ long after it’s powerful orgasm, sucking the sensitive cock-head too death. The slaves’ body jerks violently as he screams out in pain. Smiling, and with no regard for his comfort, Galas continues attacking the dick-head with her mouth and hands.