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    • She's blonde, she's beautiful, so what could ruin this handjob?

    • featuring: Cherry Morgan

    • categories: bondage device big tits female orgasm blonde ruined orgasm femdom sex post orgasm abuse cock slapping objectification

    • date: Dec 26, 2016

    • duration: 23:43

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    • If you look up "cock tease" in the dictionary you'll find Cherry's picture beside it. This beautiful blonde is absolutely stunning! She used too having her with cocks. The dick trapped in the crude gloryhole device is no different, even though the gloryhole is. Once the penis is passed through the hole it CANNOT be taken out. The five foot nine inch blonde took FULL advantage of the helpless 12inch glory hole cock. First, she eat some pineapple and played with the limp penis. It didn't take long before the MIGHTY 12inch penis reached it's full potential with Cherry's outstanding handjob skills. However, she wanted too do more than a handjob with the oversized cock. So she did. The gorgeous blonde used all twelve inches of dick for her pleasure. Her body is AMAZING! After reaching a powerful orgasm she finished off the penis with a wonderful handjob but with a twist. She brought the large cock to the point of orgasm then stopped stroking it. The cruel beauty enjoyed watching the cock ejaculate on it's own. After the ruined orgasm she stroked the extra sensitive dick long after orgasm.