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    • Just her thumb caused this cock too explode

    • featuring: Lola Lynn

    • categories: brunette gloryhole milf big tits blowjob post orgasm abuse edging

    • date: Dec 04, 2017

    • duration: 17:56

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    • Lola has fantasized about the gloryhole for sometime. Having complete control over a strangers dick is a big turn on for her. Before she even touches the dangling dick, it's leaking pre-cum. This is no ordinary amount of pre-cum either. Lots of long ropes of pre-cum pour from the penis throughout the gloryhole handjob. The busty MILF loved it! Lola played with the long strings of baby batter, while she jerked off the hanging dick. She admired the erection and squeezed the oversized testicles. From time to time she sucked the purple cock head of the unknown erection. Then it happened. The cock had it’s grand finale. Using just her thumb directly underneath the head of the penis, it erupted! This may be the biggest release of gloryhole sperm ever. Cum gets all over Lola. Being drenched in cum did not spare the dick though. The cum soaked MILF continued stroking the gloryhole cock long after orgasm. The beautiful busty MILF enjoyed rubbing the strangers cum all over her big tits.