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    • The most sensitive cock ever meets the most insensitive girl

    • featuring: Erin Taylor

    • categories: female orgasm blonde face sitting foot fetish post orgasm abuse

    • date: Nov 27, 2017

    • duration: 18:53

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    • Nude, covered in baby oil, Erin mounts the slaves' face with her amazingly perfect ass. The slaves’ lungs struggle to take in oxygen, as Erin’s meaty-vagina and asshole block his airways. She knows that her slave is expendable. The big butt emo-girl continues to smother his face, reaching several orgasm. She lays the hard dick flat against his stomach, straddles it, (in the reverse cowgirl position), and forcefully grinds her large pussy lips on the oil-soaked meat-stick. The dick began leaking lots of pre-cum due to the extreme cock-teasing. Erin never allowed the pre-cum oozing penis to enter her swollen pussy. Mercifully she grants the over stimulated cock a release with her great handjob skills. She strokes the penis, teasing just the head of it, intently watching the slaves' facial expressions. Unable to hold back anymore, the cock erupts shooting out cum like a fountain. Erin attacks the extremely sensitive head of the penis. I have never seen a slave struggle through a post orgasm milking as much as this one did. It looked as if the slave was having a seizure. Each glance of Erin's fingertips across the sensitive dick-head cause the slave to convulse. The slave appears to have lost consciousness for a moment from the relentless cock-head stimulation at the 18:10 minute mark.