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    • Violet enjoyed stroking and striking all 12 inches of the BWC

    • featuring: Violet Skye

    • categories: pov blonde post orgasm abuse cock abuse cock slapping verbal humiliation

    • date: Jan 02, 2017

    • duration: 17:33

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    • Violet Skye has absolutely No respect for a penis. Small ones, big ones, black ones, white ones, it doesn't matter. No cock is SAFE in her hands. She enjoys giving Femdom handjobs and squeezing testicles. Even during a POV hand job Violet was violent against a 12 inch white cock. Having a BIG cock has it's disadvantages in the hands of a sadistic dick abusing jerk off artist. With a foot of cock to strike and stroke she kept the erection between pleasure and pain. The bi-polar cock BEATING blonde pushed the foot long cock Past the POINT of NO return. She held the base of the cock firmly while she watched the SEMEN pour from the ejaculating penis head. Mistress V continued stroking the extra sensitive cock head long after the ruined orgasm.