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    • Edging and teasing this cock resulted in explosive ruined orgasm

    • featuring: Riley Brooke

    • categories: ruined orgasm bondage device big tits female orgasm blonde foot fetish post orgasm abuse edging cock slapping

    • date: Nov 13, 2017

    • duration: 17:48

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    • This femdom handjob is all about the art of teasing and edging a unguarded penis. Look up the definition of "cock-tease", and you'd definitely find a picture of Mistress Brooke. Her slaves' arms and legs have been rendered useless. Genuine leather straps and restraints bind his wrists, arms, and ankles together. Riley could do whatever she desires with the defenseless meat-stick. From beginning too end she teased this cock without mercy. Once the cock got hard, she kept it that way. Riley never strokes long enough or fast enough for the cock to cum. She sat on the slaves chest with her asshole just below his chin. Although the slave wore a sight restrictive hood, he could feel those warm ass cheeks pressing against his chest as she stroked his steel erection. Then she laid beside the slave with one leg thrown over his chest. With one hand she stroked the uber stiff dick, and plunged a huge horse-cock sized dildo in her pussy with the other. During her orgasms she simply ignored the cock in bondage. The handjob was all about her. All the cock teasing caused the dick to erupt, shooting out lots and lots of cum for Riley. As soon as the cock began spurting semen, Riley stopped stroking it! One of the best ruined orgasms ever! She enjoyed milking the cock for cum. What she liked most however, was the pain and agony it caused the slave as she stroked his sensitive cock way too long after orgasm.