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    • Busty redhead gives handjob to a penis in bondage

    • featuring: Jamie Prolin

    • categories: bondage device big tits redhead post orgasm abuse cock slapping

    • date: Nov 06, 2017

    • duration: 19:30

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    • Jamie is beautiful ginger with pale skin and big natural tear-drop breasts. Each of her soft-pink nipples are pierced. This busty redhead with the pigtail hair is in a position of power during this femdom handjob. Her male captive's wrists and ankles have been fitted with genuine leather restraints and padlocked too steel anchors attached to the milking bench. His hands have been placed above his head. For good measure, two leather straps also bind the male captive's torso too the milking bench. Chances of him getting free don't exist! The busty redhead demonstrated superb handjob techniques on the defenseless dick. One hand, two hands, reverse grip, she used all her handjob tricks on this penis. She placed her hand over the males mouth. Depriving him of air while jerking him off at the same time. A mild version of erotic asphyxiation. But what Jamie loves most is squeezing the unguarded cock. This girl has vice grip hand strength and she enjoyed showing it off on the cock. She squeezes so hard the dick-head swells and turns bright red. She repeated this throughout this handjob video. Eventually the bondage cock shot it's load. Jamie milked and milked the cock post orgasm. Her killer hand grip ensured this cock had no more cum too give. The top heavy penis puller rubbed the fresh batch of cum all over her big natural tits.