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    • Beautiful teen of muslim faith has strong beliefs about small cocks

    • featuring: Ava Jay

    • categories: brunette post orgasm abuse small penis humiliation cock slapping verbal humiliation

    • date: Oct 23, 2017

    • duration: 16:05

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    • It's open season on small cocks. Girls hate them. The beautiful Indian girl of muslim faith had been forced to bottle-up her feelings until now. Ava is enjoying the sunny day relaxing poolside. She's unaware a pervert is underneath her lawn chair. Suddenly, the prick pushes his penis through an opening in the middle of the chair. She's shocked! Not that a random dick is between her legs, but just how small it is. Ava's treatment of the under sized penis is extremely cruel. She repeatedly yelled, get bigger, get harder, to the tiny cock. Nothing happened! The small dick had one last chance at redemption, a chance to make up for being so utterly worthless to women. The small penis failed. The kind of load Ava had wished for didn't cum too pass. Even though her vagina was completely soaked with semen, it wasn't good enough for her. Ava attacked the small dick, stroking it long after orgasm tormenting the super sensitive head.