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    • Cherry's Femdom handjob ends with a Ruined Orgasm

    • featuring: Cherry Morgan

    • categories: ruined orgasm big tits blonde post orgasm abuse small penis humiliation verbal humiliation edging

    • date: Jan 16, 2017

    • duration: 17:52

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    • Cherry has her captive in the milking chair with NO use of his arms or legs. She taunts the tied up handob whore slapping his face repeatedly while slowing stroking his exposed cock. The D-cup Mistress with a Daddy fetish showed no respect for the lack luster dick in her hands. She made many disparaging remarks toward the sub-standard organ. There's lots of penis humiliation in this handjob video. The forceful slow strokes proved too much for the bound cock. Cherry brought the captive cock to the point of ejaculation and stopped stroking it. The cock was forced to expel SEMEN without the use of Cherry soft hands. Once she was certain the dick was done milking the sadistic blonde attacked the extra sensitive dick head. She squeezed and squeezed the cock making sure it had no more cum in it. The post orgasm milking was a painful experience for the unknown cock slave.