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    • The Human dildo starring Heather and Erin

    • featuring: Heather Gables Erin Taylor

    • categories: brunette bondage device female orgasm blonde face sitting foot fetish femdom sex multiple girls post orgasm abuse edging cock abuse cock slapping objectification

    • date: Aug 14, 2017

    • duration: 29:38

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    • Throughout history there have been some great duos like Kobe and Shaq, Manning and Harrison, and now there’s Gables and Taylor. What makes them so great? Well, aside from being roommates in “real life” and best friends, they are experts at penis manipulation. Their slave is secured to the milking bench, his arms and legs have been rendered useless. This slave doesn't know it, but he has just become a human dildo. The girls take turns. One will smother the slaves’ face with her pussy and asshole, while the other strokes and violently slaps the defenseless dick. Heather is clearly the “handjob general”, as she directs the female domination. The slave sports a rock solid erection much too the girls liking. Heather helps herself to the unguarded cock, jumping on top of it, and riding it until she has a powerful orgasm. As any good teammate, she commands the slave to bring Erin to orgasm as well. Stroked, slapped, and ridden the captive cock is ready to explode. Erin mounts the slaves’ face, while Heather strokes the bewildered male organ. In tandem, the girls cry out for SEMEN, and boy does this dick deliver. The cock erupts shooting a powerful thick stream of hot semen hitting Erin with ease. It gets better! Erin anchors her big ass on the slaves’ face, for some auto erotic asphyxiation (this fucking guy can‘t breathe) while Heather attacks the sensitive dick, stroking the head for a good post orgasm milking. The slaves’ grunts and groans are muffled by Erin’s asshole. He tries to break free, but it’s impossible.