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    • Friendly Fire Frottage handjob soaks Little Audrey in semen

    • featuring: Audrey Lords

    • categories: redhead multiple cocks post orgasm abuse taboo small penis humiliation cfnm verbal humiliation facial multiple male orgasm

    • date: Aug 07, 2017

    • duration: 20:39

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    • When it comes to verbal humiliation, Audrey Lords stands alone as the Queen. This striking raspy voice redhead heartlessly and systematically rips a mans pride from his soul. Audrey loves big “manly” cocks, anything less is a pathetic waste of time and life. The twisted penis puller has “little Audrey” with her. “Little Audrey” is the pint size plastic altar ego of big Audrey. Together they stroke 2 cocks, however one is significantly larger than the other. The girls gush over the monster cock while berating the small one. The cruel taunts and killer tugs cause the little penis to explode. The pee wee prick ejaculates for nearly 20 seconds. Lots of the semen landed on “little Audrey”. Small dicks always cum too soon! As punishment, big Audrey continues stroking the small sensitive penis while waiting for the big dick to blow its load. Shortly after, the large penis provided it’s manly nectar to the mix. Little Audrey was covered in sperm from both cocks. The big cock wasn’t spared though. The twisted sisters stroked both cocks long after orgasm causing extreme discomfort to both captive cocks. Nonetheless, the smaller worthless dick definitely received the most punishment and pain!