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    • Sadistic Cum Loving CUNTS abuse the LARGE Unguarded Erection

    • featuring: Carmen Valentina Leihla Leionni

    • categories: brunette big tits blonde face sitting multiple girls post orgasm abuse cock abuse cock slapping verbal humiliation

    • date: Jul 03, 2017

    • duration: 31:07

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    • Carmen (brunette) and Leihla (blonde) are best friends. As in most relationships the girls are complete opposites. Carmen is an outspoken, foul mouth, highly aggressive, cock abusing CUNT with a big butt. Leihla is more reserved and soft spoken, but her NATURAL 34D breasts speak volumes. The girls share one thing in common, they both love big DICK. Covered in baby oil, the girls make out with one another, fondling each others tits and pussys. Now it’s time for DICK. The masked man is used for the girls pleasure. Leihla mounts the slaves face lowering her vagina and asshole over his airway passages. Meanwhile, Carmen has her way with the DEFENSELESS 10 inch cock. As the slave is forced to consume Leihla’s ass fumes, Carmen strokes the lubed up penis until it’s ROCK hard. Without warning she begins to brutally beat the MASSIVE erection, while Leihla eggs her on and laughs the entire time. The BIG DICK is unphased by the harsh treatment and stands tall through it all. The girls decided it’s time for the CUM. With their heads on either side of the PENIS they stroke the dick in tandem demanding the creamy salty discharge. Unable to hold out any longer the COCK erupts, spewing thick WHITE semen from the head. The girls go nuts on the PENIS stroking the sensitive Organ long after ORGASM. The slave screams out in AGONY, big mistake! The sadistic CUM loving cunts attack the COCK with even more vigor prolonging the POST ORGASM MILKING.