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    • Watch as yet another cock Spews out LIFE JUICE for Trinity's Giant Natural Breasts

    • featuring: Trinity Michaels

    • categories: brunette bondage device big tits post orgasm abuse

    • date: May 22, 2017

    • duration: 17:43

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    • Trinity's ENORMOUS natural breasts have taken many a cock under their spell. The cock in this femdom handjob video is no different, although the crude gloryhole device that renders the slave helpless is. Once the penis is inserted in the hole, that's it! The cock can't be taken out. The dicks future is in the hands and tits of Trinity. She teases the LIMP cock with her GIANT natural breasts until it's stiff. The twitching cock longs for Trinity's big tits. The prolonged cock tease makes the unguarded dick bob up and down like a buoy in the middle of the ocean. By the time she began stroking the captive cock it was ready to explode. The busty brunette used a combination of her hands and a powerful vibrator to stimulate the trapped piece of meat. It wasn't long before the dick succumb to the BUSTY handjob. As many cocks have before in the presence of Trinity's MASSIVE udders, the dick spewed life-juice from the head. The over-developed handjob vixen enjoyed squeezing every drop of cum she could muster from the spent cock. By the time she was done with the extended POM (post orgasm milking) the cock was only 1 inch in length. She literally milked this cock for ALL it was worth. (P.S. Trinity Michaels is her new name she used to go by Sara Black)