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    • I'm sure he Hoped this handjob would end much differently

    • featuring: Hope Harper

    • categories: ruined orgasm bondage device female orgasm post orgasm abuse edging small penis humiliation cock slapping objectification

    • date: Apr 24, 2017

    • duration: 15:05

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    • This beautiful Blonde goddess has enjoyed power over cocks since the day she was born. Hope has her slave hopelessly confined to the Kneeling Milker. The Kneeling Milker is a primitive bondage device that renders the slave arms and legs completely useless. Right from the get go, she voices her displeasure with undersized placid prick. From her seated position, Hope gets the gimp cock hard in a matter of seconds. The unprotected ERECTION becomes her focal point as she uses a powerful vibrator get to herself off many times! She stroked the sad cock just to keep it hard but NOT enough for it to set off. The blonde haired penis puller removes her tiny hands from the cock while instructing the unattended erection to do cock calisthenics. Eventually the petite beauty relented and allowed the aching cock to cum, but she RUINED it. The unknown cock shoot a major load, but without the aid of Hopes' french manicured fingers. At least 6 powerful blasts of semen shot out. Once the cock was done cumming, Hope tortured the sensitive dickhead of the defenseless dick!