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    • Judas hands and mouth betrayed the ejaculating cock resulting in a Ruined orgasm

    • featuring: Judas Knight

    • categories: brunette gloryhole ruined orgasm blowjob asian post orgasm abuse multiple male orgasm

    • date: Jan 30, 2017

    • duration: 17:53

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    • Judas, the self proclaimed "filthy satanic cum whore" is in the gloryhole cock box with 12 inches of man meat hanging above her head. The tiny Asian spinner rides one cock while stroking and sucking another. It's truly amazing to watch all 12 inches of the BWC (big white cock) disappear down her throat. The small girl with the deep throat uses her hands and mouth to bring to monster cock to the Point of No Return. Just as the dangling dick began ejaculating she let go of it. The cumming cock dripped SEMEN all over Judas face and body. The tiny Asian whore berated the spent cock for not ejaculating more than it did. Eager for more semen and covered in cum, Judas stroked the massive organ long after orgasm. The unknown cock kept producing man milk for the cum thirsty cum whore.