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    • Which Cock will CUM on command for Mistress Eve?

    • featuring: Eve Rosario

    • categories: blonde multiple cocks post orgasm abuse cfnm cock abuse cock slapping multiple male orgasm edging

    • date: Feb 09, 2015

    • duration: 14:30

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    • Two cocks dual for Mistress Eve's cruel affection. Each slave is bound at the wrists and ankles with genuine leather restraints. Their cocks lay helplessly exposed to one of the MOST sadistic penis pullers EVER! On her right, is the OLD reliable CURVED cock capable of maintaining an ERECTION for hours. Very dependable. To the left is the YOUNG dick, slightly longer and thicker with a much quicker response. Very sensitive. The bound DICKS must ejaculate on Mistress Eve's command and not a second before. She simultaneously strokes the cocks until both are RAGING hard and ready to explode. Her handjob skills are amazing. She measures each cocks tolerance for pain by slapping them profusely. The dominate Latina is MOST happy when inflicting PAIN! Both cocks are ready to BUST. Which cock will cum on command for Mistress Eve? I can't give it away, but I can promise you it won't be a happy ENDING for the dick that disappoints.