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    • Baby face Brandi takes FULL advantage of a CAPTIVE cock

    • featuring: Brandi Belle

    • categories: brunette bondage device female orgasm blowjob femdom sex post orgasm abuse edging

    • date: Feb 16, 2015

    • duration: 14:53

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    • The slave is sandwiched between 2 pieces of HICKORY board. The top board has a HOLE which the PENIS passes through. The slave is fitted with leather wrists restraints then padlocked to the bottom board. A MAN has been reduced to a DICK. Brandi has complete CONTROL over the helpless cock. She teases the DICK touching it softly in all the right places. Those French manicured fingers caused the PENIS to swell to a full 10 inches. She sucked the bulbus head of the enormous cock. Up and down the shaft her lips and tongued traveled. The slow teasing handjob and blowjob have the HUGE cock showing all its veins standing at ATTENTION. The baby face brunette took FULL advantage of the MONSTER ERECTION. She lowered her dripping WET snatch on the FIRM pole. She rode the CAPTIVE cock until she had a powerful ORGASM. Now satisfied, she finished off the LARGE cock with forceful handjob. The huge dick surrendered its SEMEN to Brandi. Cum dripped and poured between her little fingers. The silent PENIS assassin continued to stroke the SENSITVE ORGAN long after orgasm. She squeezed and squeezed, stroked and stroked, until nothing more would CUM out.