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    • One load of spunk wasn't enough for Dakota and her magic wand

    • featuring: Dakota Charms

    • categories: brunette ruined orgasm bondage device post orgasm abuse edging

    • date: Feb 06, 2017

    • duration: 18:05

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    • Dakota has 12 inches of dick completely under her control. The handjob brat princess is determined to make the most of the plus sized penis. The slave has been locked into the TORSO MILKER with no use of his arms or legs. The brunette brat princess likes to tease and edge the long cock during the Femdon handjob. Her soft hands and powerful vibrator are too much for the captive cock. The dual sensation pushes the penis past the Point of No Return. Dakota was just waiting for the dick to start ejaculating so she could Ruin the orgasm. She did. As soon as the cock began cumming she stopped stroking it. To make matters worst she kept stroking the sensitive cock long after orgasm. And then it happened! The cock came again! Dakota forced 2 loads from the imprisoned penis. Again she tormented the spent cock after orgasm. The slave was in extreme discomfort but there was nothing he could do to stop it.