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    • Trapped DICK is forced to PRODUCE SPERM long after ORGASM

    • featuring: Britney Brooks

    • categories: gloryhole bondage device big tits blonde foot fetish post orgasm abuse

    • date: May 04, 2015

    • duration: 16:01

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    • Britney Brooks is physically superior to MOST girls. Her enormous E-cups and 40 inch ASS are too much for ANY man. Which makes the dense DICK trapped in the gloryhole the saddest sap in town. This is no ORDINARY gloryhole device. The slave CANNOT remove his penis from the gloryHOLE. The slave CANNOT see or feel mistress. To make a long story short, the slave is helplessly TRAPPED underneath Britney. For now the LIMP dick will get the 3rd wheel treatment, as Britney completely ignores it. She teases the camera, rubbing oil all over her Beautiful body slowly and seductively, making herself feel good. Why not? The DICK isn't going anywhere. Eventually Britney turned her attention to the BOX cock. Her soft hands and SIZE ?ve feet had captain LIMP dick hard in a hurry. She was impressed with 10inch man meat that protruded from the hole. Her handjob, titjob, and footjob overwhelm large cock. Gobs and gobs of MAN jizz poured from the anonymous DICK. The evil E-CUP mistress showed the imprisoned PENIS no mercy as she attacked the SENSITIVE head of the dick long after ORGASM. The tenacious E-CUP penis puller keep forcing drips of cum nearly 2 minutes after orgasm to drain from the spent male organ.