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    • Little Bailey caused BIG problems for the defenseless DICK

    • featuring: Bailey Paige

    • categories: brunette ruined orgasm bondage device post orgasm abuse edging cfnm blowjob

    • date: Apr 17, 2017

    • duration: 21:01

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    • Tiny Bailey has complete control of this DICK during this Femdom handjob. Her slave is confined in a crude gloryhole device. This gloryhole isn't like others. There is NO WAY for the slave to remove his cock from the hole. The slave has no use of his arms or legs. Bailey took full advantage of the helpless slaves predicament. The feisty brunette slow stroked the penis poking through the hole until it stood firm. She enjoyed teasing the unguarded erection so much so it caused the "dick head" to swell and turn purple. Bailey put the bulbus cock head in her mouth just to TEASE it. Eventually the slow teasing handjob pushed the captive cock Past the Point of No Return. Bailey held the base of the ejaculating cock and watched the cum come out of it. She took great pleasure in ruining this dude's ORGASM. To make matters worse she attacked the sensitive head of the penis POST orgasm. The slave was in extreme discomfort. However there was NOTHING he could do to stop tiny handjob princess from exacting her sadistic desires upon his penis.