Tasha Knox

Age: 22
Body Type: petite
Stats: 34-26-38
Bra: 34DD
Breast Type: natural
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5'5"
Location: Orlando, Fl
Status: relationship
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: native american
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: webcam model


Tasha began as a mainstream photo model. She gradually began dabbing in more explicit types of photo and video. Tasha has something that is becoming more and more hard to find … real NATURAL 34DD breasts. She currently attends bartending school and is working on her own website. The busty beauty is really into girls. She NEVER turns down an opportunity to share in a lesbian experience. Tasha has outstanding handjob skills.


List of Tasha Knox episodes


These girls haven't had a really BIG DICK in a really long time - Codi and Tasha (blue shirt) double team a HUGE dick through a gloryhole. They start off admiring the dangling 10inch penis. They can't believe how BIG it is. The girls fondled each other breasts and PINK pussies. The cock got bigger and bigger. The girls go beyond a handjob and beginning SUCKING the swollen erection. The thick DICK caused major problems for the LITTLE mouths of the cock sucking tandem. The girls use a hybrid style of handjob and blowjob to make the LARGE penis surrender its load. A huge thick load of SEMEN poured from the cock. The girls got really excited and forgot to STOP stroking!


Semen soaked TITS and a Brutal Post Orgasm Milking - Tasha has what EVERY man desires, BIG natural tear drop BOOBS. Too bad the slave will NEVER touch or suck them. The slave's wrist and ankles have been fitted with genuine leather restraints and padlocked to the MILKING chair. He is powerless against Tasha's advances. The busty PALE face beauty exerts her dominance over the defenseless DICK. She teases the curved cock, jerking firmly and smothering it in a SEA of cleavage. Tasha's handjob techniques are outstanding and prove too much for the captive cock. The PENIS erupts, shooting thick wads of fresh CUM all over Tasha's extra large tits. With SEMEN soaked tits, Tasha brutally strokes the unguarded DICK long after orgasm. The slave is in EXTREME pain, but she could care less. Tasha laughed as she abused the SENSITIVE dick head long after ORGASM.


It's just another day in the neighborhood for BUSTY Tasha - It's a hot summer day in Florida. Temperatures are nearing triple digits. The day begins with a run for Tasha. Each day the BUSTY beauty jogs around the neighborhood Her HUGE 34DD breasts and BIG ass bouncing about. Meanwhile, a bound helpless slave awaits Tasha's sweaty ASS. After each run the slave must clean her SWEATY stinky asshole with his tongue. The slave is SMOTHERED by a mountain of ASS. With a warm tongue buried in her ASSHOLE she pleasures her pussy with a powerful vibrator. Many ORGASMS later Tasha rewards the slave with a slow teasing handjob. Those french manicured fingers manipulate the unguarded PENIS to perfection. Soon the DICK explodes shooting out thick white globs of SEMEN. Tasha continues stroking the SENSITIVE cock long after ORGASM. The slave screams and jerks violently as the penis punishment continues. Satisfied the slave balls were completely empty she pulls him by the DICK to the closet. The ass licking slave will remain there until her next run.


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