Stacie Starr

Age: 38
Body Type: athletic
Stats: 34-28-35
Bra: 34DD
Breast Type: natural
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5'4"
Location: Orlando, Fl
Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: caucasian
Smoke / Drink: no / yes
Education: college
Occupation: being a MILF


It’s hard to believe that Stacie is 38 years old. She is a beautiful MILF from sunny Florida that loves PENIS. Bye nature she is a “self described” pleaser. She loves facials and anything to do with SPERM. She used to work for a popular retail store, however she was fired once a group of co-workers discovered her PORN career. When she’s not in front of the camera, Stacie loves watching scary movies and going to the nudist beaches.


List of Stacie Starr episodes


When you OPEN your MOUTH you ruin everything - Stacie has her WELL-endowed slave encased in 3000 feet of saran wrap. Applied correctly, the wrap will allow for ZERO percent body movement. The air tight seal will INCREASE the slaves' body heat causing the wrap to constrict and get even TIGHTER. The LARGE penis is passed through a small hole allowing the MATURE MILF complete control over the male organ. The 38 year old size QUEEN teases and worships the 10 inch cock using her hands and mouth. The busty Mom abused her power on several occasions by forcefully striking the unguarded ERECTION. Unable to hold back the slave alerted Stacie that he was going to ejaculate. NOT GOOD! Stacie stopped stroking immediately, the CURVED cock was left to expel it's OWN semen. The D-cup diva laughed as the ruined ORGASM took place. She watch every DROP of cum drain from the DICK in the bag without offering ANY assistance. Afterwards, to make bad worse, she stroked the SENSITIVE dick, focusing on the HEAD only. The slave screamed out in agony, the PAIN was too much. There's nothing he can do, he MUST endure the prolonged POST orgasm milking. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST TOUCHLESS CUMSHOTS EVER!


The sight of SPERM causes Busty MILF to savagely attack BIG dick - Stacie is a sexy MILF with an addition to BIG penis. She molests the MONSTER cock with her hands and mouth. This BIG DICK is all hers. The experienced penis puller showcases an array of awesome handjob techniques on the oversized ERECTION. She jerks the DICK slowly and describes in graphic detail her BIG COCK fantasies. From testicles to bulging head, Stacie controls the cock. To make good better, she unleashes those NATURAL 36DD breasts and smothers the cock in her MOMMY mountains. Unable to hold back any longer, the PENIS explodes, sending thick globs of Sperm all over Stacie’s face. The mature man milker isn’t done with this DICK by any means. Stacie delivers a cruel and prolonged POST ORGASM MILKING. She attacks the sensitive HEAD of the penis with her hands and mouth stroking and sucking it like crazy for more CUM.


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