Riley Brooke

Age: 26
Body Type: Petite
Stats: 36-27-32
Bra: 36D
Breast Type: Real Expensive
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5'8"
Location: Loris, Sc
Status: Married Swinger
Orientation: Bi
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
Education: College
Occupation: Full Time Student


Q: Where are you from?
A: South Carolina

Q: How long have you been there?
A: My whole life.

Q: Let me see that pussy. You like big cocks in there?
A: Yeah. Yes!

Q: Why did you get into porn?
A: Because I love sex and I love the camera so why not?

Q: I was reading some interesting stuff in your profile. What kind of sex do you like?
A: I only like black guys. And black women. But mainly black guys. Yeah, it’s always been my thing.

Q: What do you like about black guys?
A: They are so much better in bed. They have thick black cocks that you can hardly fit in your mouth that gag you. And I like to deep throat. And they’re good lovers, they really are. They know how to shove it in there doggy style.

Q: Show me with your hands how big you want the cock.
A: Umm…that’s good (demonstrating with her hands) and then, like thick.

Q: So you like the girth.
A: Yeah.

Q: So are you in a relationship?
A: I am, I’m married. Happily. To a white guy.

Q: What?!
A: He’s white!

Q: You’re married to a white guy, but you love black cock?
A: Yeah, it’s like a dirty little secret, except it’s not really a secret now. He knows about it. He likes to watch. You should try it. If you’re a guy out there you should definitely watch your wife or girlfriend get banged by a big black cock. There’s nothing like it. It’s amazing!

Q: So when was the first time you had big black cock in you?
A: I was nineteen.

Q: How did it happen?
A: I had a friend who I danced with and she only dated black guys (I was a stripper at a club) and she told me how big they were and I was like, damn girl, really? I wanted to try. So there was this really hot bouncer at the club, a black guy, tall, muscular, so I asked him if he wanted to go fuck. And we did and it was amazing!

Q: Did you set it up? Where did you go?
A: We went after work. We went to a hotel. The funny part is I was dating the manager of the club at the time and he found out and fired him. I got him fired!

Q: Was the manager white or black?
A: White. An older guy.

Q: So after that you don’t want anything to do with a white cock anymore?
A: My husband is the only white guy that I fuck. I don’t even find white guys attractive. I don’t even check out white guys, not at all.

Q: How many black guys have fucked you at one time?
A: Um…five. Yeah, it was crazy. I had dicks coming from every direction.

Q: Where did they come at?
A: One came in my pussy and one on my face…all over. I think two guys came in my pussy.

Q: What does he do, sit in a corner and beat off?
A: No he doesn’t do that, he just enjoys watching me get the shit fucked out of me.

Q: So you have a husband, he’s white, and you like black cock. Does he ever watch you get fucked?
A: Yeah. He takes pictures, video tapes it.

Q: Can you get in the doggy style position to show the people at home what position you’re talking about?
A: Yeah.

Q: Oh goodness. Open those cheeks up for me. Do you do anal?
A: No not yet. I’ve tried but when you’re dealing with a big cock it’s pretty hard to take it up the ass.


List of Riley Brooke episodes


Does your Dick get this Hard for your Girlfriend? - Our devious dominatrix Riley has san incredibly vulnerable guy on her hands. This poor dude just had an argument with his girlfriend. She doesn’t give a damn about this guy’s relationship problems. In fact, she’s going to take this weakness and exploit it further. This guy is a wimp all the way around and she loves nothing more than controlling a weak mind. Since her slave loves being punished Mistress Riley puts him in a sensory deprivation hood that has only one hole to breathe through. She secures his limbs in heavy duty leather restraints. Then she drapes her leg across the bound slave and jerks the cock while getting off with a massive dildo. She smiles while massaging her clit. “Oh my God I’m coming!” she moans and jams the monster dildo deeper in her twat. She jerks the pathetic penis more but pauses as she comes again. The prick seems to be an after thought to her masturbation. “Does your dick get this hard for your girlfriend? Does she know what you’re up here doing?” She grasps the cock firmly in her right hand. “This is my dick right now.” She taunts the pathetic prick about his temperamental, controlling girlfriend. She continues teasing the slave saying her pussy is better than his girlfriend’s and that she could fuck him a lot better than his girlfriend. “You’re being a very naughty boy right now! I want you to blow a big load for me much bigger than you blow for your girlfriend.” Mistress Riley is getting off controlling this cock. She’s ready to see the dick cum everywhere. “I want your girlfriend to see you come for me.” At her request the controlled cock spews come nearly two feet into the air hitting Riley’s perky tits on the way down. She milks the deflated penis and rubs the cockhead with her thumb. The slave’s neck turns red with pain and he yells, “Oh God!” The once full balls now sag in defeat.


Small Man with Tiny Dick forced to Blow a Major Load - Mistress Riley has her bound slave kneeling on a bondage device with his hands cuffed behind his back, his head hooded and blindfolded and his small cock exposed. Green bondage wrap keeps her slave securely attached to the device and he is unable to move. Mistress Riley is displeased with this slave and she will be sure to let him feel her displeasure. She will torment the prick with her hands and perky boobs but the dick will never feel the warm folds of her pussy. She reserves that for big black cocks only. Jerking the cock playfully, Mistress Riley taunts her slave, “I got you all chained up; you can’t go anywhere and I get to play with your cock however I want to.” She asks him if it feels good as she lightly rubs her fingers over the bound cock. The slave obediently responds, “Yes Ma’am!” Then Mistress Riley humiliates her slave telling him how small his cock is compared to black cocks. She smiles at the slave’s puny package and declares, “That’s why I’ m torturing you.” She slaps the small cock around, eyeing it condescendingly. She enjoys controlling the puny prick and decides to humiliate it more. “Black cum is sweet like chocolate. Black dick is the best and I don’t know if your cum is going to be the same. You’re going to have to prove it tastes as good as black cum.” The tiny cock can’t take the pressure and cum erupts from the small prick flowing into her mouth. Spunk drips from her chin. “You want me to stop?” Mistress Riley asks. Not listening to the unworthy slave’s response she gives the cock a brutal post orgasm milking using both hands to jerk it harder. “Take it! Take it!” she commands.


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