A really BIG dick made all 84lbs of Nadia betray her BEST friend
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May 9, 2011
Nadia discovers her BEST friends' younger brother showering. She watches his reflection in the mirror as he soaps his GIANT cock. She can't believe what she's seeing. The CARAMEL coated Middle EASTERN princess is tiny. She only weighs 84 lbs. The pint sized SIZE queen strips down completely naked to reveal one of the MOST amazing petite bodies you will EVER see. She is impressed with the BIG dick and begins stroking it immediately. The large ERECTION is thicker than her arm. It's obvious that this isn't Her First Big Cock. The plus sized Caucasian COCK shot several forceful blasts of SEMEN on Nadia's perky BLACK boobs. The little home wrecker continued MILKING the BIG white dick long after ORGASM.


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