Lola Lynn

Age: 33
Body Type: Petite
Stats: 34-26-33
Bra: 34D
Breast Type: Nice Implants
Weight: 128 lbs
Height: 5"'7"
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Status: married
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
Education: College
Occupation: Adult Model


We had been trying to work with Lola for some time, but it seemed as if something always got in the way. She was well worth the wait. Lola gives an absolutely masterful performance and more importantly her handjob skills are outstanding. Lola is a true exhibitionist and it explodes on film. She is a beautiful MILF and her body is incredible.

Q: How did you get into porn?
A: I got an offer to do a bondage scene, I really enjoyed it, and things progressed from there. I wasn’t sure if I would like it (doing porn) but I did. Soon I started getting more and more offers and I haven’t looked back.

Q: Were you nervous being in front of the camera?
A: No I wasn’t nervous really. I have gotten more comfortable however with each shoot I’ve done. I would say I use to be a little more reserved before.

Q: Prior to doing porn had you ever done any home movies?
A: She smiles …. Yes!

Q: You mentioned that you had done other bondage shoots before. Are you the Dom or Sub?
A: No I’m the submissive one. I’m the one being tied up, although I am a switch.

Q: How did it feel being in control of the cock today?
A: It was awesome. I love being in control. When it comes to everyday life not so much … but making someone my slave and having complete control over them is a huge turn on.

Q: Are you single, or dating?
A: No I’m married.

Q: How long have you been married?
A: I have been married four years.

Q: What are some important qualities that you like in a man?
A: Definitely a sense of humor. I really don’t have a particular type. I don’t want someone that takes themselves to serious. They must know how to have fun.

Q: Are you guys swingers?
A: Well …. (with a giant pause) NO! I do not like to share.

Q: Are you bisexual … are you into girls?
A: Yes.

Q: Were you into girls before porn or after?
A: I was into girls before porn.

Q: How did your first experience with another girl go down?
A: I use to throw stripper parties at my house. I would invite (female) exotic dancers. They would give me lap dances and one thing lead to another. It was great.

Q: What kind of girls are you attracted too?
A: I like exotic girls. I’m not into the typical blonde girl. I actually have a thing for Asian girls.

Q: Do you do anal sex?
A: Not on film, only for my husband. I need to save something special for us.

Q: When you having sex, what position makes you orgasm the best?
A: I like being on my belly getting it from behind (not in the ass). Basically missionary just with me on my belly.

Q: Are you a fan of the cumshot, or does cum bother you?
A: No not at all. I’m a cock cum whore, I love it!

Q: Where is your favorite place for cum?
A: I love it inside me, but my hubby loves to blast on my face.


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The LITTLE dick came too SOON and paid dearly for it - Lola lights her CIGAR while the dangling DICK slowly leaks clear strings of PRE-CUM. The flames cast from the cigar nearly roast the small dick and large TESTICLES. This isn't your ordinary GLORYHOLE. Once the PENIS passes through the hate hole, ONLY Lola can free it. The glasses wearing, cigar smoking, brunette is in TOTAL control of this dick. The beautiful MASTURBATRIX uses minimal contact to tease the DRIPPING dick. She enjoyed watching cum constantly oozes out of it. The GIGANTIC testicles of the captive cock release a HUGE load. Lola let the stiff ERECTION go. She watched in AMAZEMENT at the massive amount of SEMEN being expelled from the dick. For over 20 seconds cum poured from the PENIS without Lola touching it. The HANDS FREE orgasm got even worse as she used FRESHLY ejaculated semen to torment the DICK even more. The super SENSITIVE piece of hanging MEAT had no choice but to ENDURE the extended POST ORGASM MILKING.


I told him from the beginning it wasn't a good idea - I told him from the beginning it wasn't a good idea. Bruno, Lola's (on left) husband wanted to have a threesome. For the past 7 years Bruno's cock has only been used by Lola. She agreed to a threesome, but with a restriction. Bruno must be bound and it can go no further than a handjob. Lola watched as Dixie's hands controlled her husband's cock. After seven years the touch of STRANGE hands causes a POWERFUL erection. Dixie traced the helmet of the PENIS with her fingers. The two women take GREAT pleasure in teasing Bruno's bulge. The penis reached the Point of No Return spewing SEMEN for the ladies. Lola encouraged the CRUEL treatment of her helpless husband. She laughed as Dixie ATTACKED her husband's ULTRA sensitive DICK head long after ORGASM. Bruno was in a great deal of pain and discomfort. I'm sure this isn't what Bruno had in mind.


Just her Thumb caused one of the BIGGEST Sperm explosions! - Lola has fantasized about the gloryhole for sometime. Having complete dominance over a PENIS is a big turn on for her. Before she even touches the dangling dick it leaks PRE-CUM. This is NO ordinary amount of pre-cum. SEMEN pours from the cock all throughout the handjob movie. Lola loved it! She played with the long strings of baby batter, while she stroked the hanging dick. She admired the ERECTION and squeezed the SWOLLEN testicles. Then it happened. The cock had it’s grand finale. Using just her thumb, Lola stroked directly under the head of the PENIS. The sweet spot. The dick exploded in what may be one of the BIGGEST SPERM milkings ever! It gets all over Lola. However, being drenched in CUM did NOT spare the DICK. Lola stroked the SENSITIVE head of the cock long after orgasm.


She literally has this helpless guy bye the BALLS - Lola sits her beautiful ASS directly on the slaves face, making sure to block his airway passages. As her vagina and asshole consume the slave, he struggles to maintain consciousness. The slave is helpless to ward off Lola’s perverted advances. His arms and legs have been bound with genuine leather restraints and rendered useless. Her infatuation with male testicles is readily apparent as she tugs and squeezes them the entire time, while giving a slow teasing handjob. Using just her thumb and index finger she grips the slaves exposed nuts, squeezing them until they swell to the size of small balloons. Lola slowly strokes the PENIS, just enough for it to maintain erection, but not enough to achieve orgasm. The constant tease has caused the slave to sport a powerful rock solid erection. Lola brings the COCK close to orgasm only to deny it release several times. Unable to endure the cruel heartless teasing the PENIS erupts, pouring out globs of hot white SEMINAL fluid from the sensitive head. Lola shows no MERCY on the sensitive member, as she jerks it long after ORGASM, laughing the entire time. The slave cries out in agony begging her to stop. Little does he know, this will only make her MILK the man meat more!


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