Lexxxi Lockhart

Age: 32
Body Type: voluptuous
Stats: 33-26-40
Bra: 33D
Breast Type: natural (breast reduction)
Weight: 138 lbs
Height: 5'0"
Location: North Carolina
Status: married
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: Other
Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes
Education: high school
Occupation: retail store manager


Lexxxi is from a small southern town in North Carolina. This beautiful brunette is incredibly curvy with luscious hips and breasts. She met her husband while he was on leave from the military. He fully supports all her kinks. She’s bisexual and likes getting it on with other girls too. Her favorite part of her body is her curvaceous ass. She likes to cover it in baby oil and shake it for her man. She works for a large insurance company, but really aspires to be a porn star. This amazing amateur isn’t ready to quit her day job just yet; she wants to see how far she can go get first. Given her sensual talents, the sky is the limit!


List of Lexxxi Lockhart episodes


A radical NEW penis enlargement procedure goes horribly wrong - Ok so here's the deal. Lexxxi is sick and tired of her husbands small 4 inch penis. In a last ditch effort to save their marriage her unwilling CUCKOLD husband has been forced to try a radical NEW penis ENLARGEMENT procedure. To get her husbands DICK bigger she will take fresh SEMEN from a large 10 inch cock and squirt it directly into her husbands mouth. Then she will jerk off her husband. The semen from the BIG manly cock should increase the TINY toy penis. The D-cup diva humiliates her bound husband during the entire process. The handjob procedure didn't go according to plan. Lexxxi loses her temper and her HUSBAND eats 2 loads of CUM with NO increase in size in penis size. Lexxxi is now divorced!


Girls can be just as CRITCIAL as Guys - Shyla (left) and Lexxxi (right) are both twisted sisters. Between the two of them there's over thirty pounds of NATURAL breasts, with Shyla's GIGANTIC 36F boobs carrying the bulk of the weight. The slave's wrists and ankles have been fitted with genuine leather restraints and padlocked to the MILKING bench. The slave is completely helpless at the mercy of the two TOP HEAVY handjob queens. Shyla and Lexxxi take turns teasing and tormenting the unguarded dick. The girls carry on with causal conversation while sharing a STIFF erection. Lexxxi discusses her (real life) husbands' small penis and how disappointing it is, while stroking a cock 3 times larger. How disrespectful! It doesn't stop there. Even though the DICK is big, the girls still find many faults with it. They hold nothing back as they voice their opinions regarding the bound 10 incher. Eventually the PENIS surrenders SEMEN to the over critical CUNTS. The BUSTY duo abuse the SENSITIVE penis long after ORGASM. They squeezed every last drop of man juice from the 10 inch cock. The girls could care less about the slave's discomfort. Besides, what can he do? Satisfied that the penis has nothing left to offer, they leave. The slave is left bound to the milking bench.


BIGGER Dick does what Hubby's small one NEVER could - Lexxxi is done with her husbands SMALL penis. She can’t take it anymore. His small penis makes it impossible to achieve ORGASM. She’s sick and tired of FAKING it. She wants a “real mans” dick. Anger and frustration boil over. Lexxxi lets lose on her PEE-WEE prick of a husband. “He’s so much better than you, “You’re a useless piece of shit”, You’ll NEVER be able to give me an ORGASM” … the verbal humiliation is brutal and constant. She gives more than a handjob to the PLUS size pole too. She FUCKS it. Lexxxi lowered her HUMONGOUS ass on the 10 inch DICK and rode the hell out of it! The BIG cock delivered! She had a powerful ORGASM. Finally satisfied, she returned the favor to the MIGHTY man meat. She stroked and jerked the BIG dick, still verbally assaulting her insufficient husband. Just as she predicted, the BIG DICK produced more SEMEN than her husbands ever could. The MONSTER cock covered Lexxxi face in SPERM. She loved it. With CUM dripping from her face the heartless homemaker stroked the BIG sensitive member LONG after orgasm. The beginning of this video has awesome Facesitting and Ass Smothering as well.


She loves BIG dicks too bad her HUSBAND doesn't have one - Lexxxi Lockhart likes BIG dicks, plain and simple. She also enjoys having her ASSHOLE licked and tongued. The slave’s face is smothered by her HUGE ass cheeks and dirty butthole. The size QUEEN falls in love with the large 10 inch ERECTION. She makes it painfully clear that she is dissatisfied with her husband small PENIS, while she TUGS away at the MOSTER cock. The plus sized PENIS gets the royal treatment. She puts the oversized DICK in her mouth and massive cleavage, while she verbally assaults her husband every chance she gets. Lexxxi is extremely disrespectful and cruel. Nonetheless, her handjob skills are outstanding. She worships the KING size cock, from shaft to head. The MIGHTY penis succumbs to Lexxxi’s killer handjob. Thick white SEMEN pours from the head of it. Doubtful she’ll see another cock of it’s equal, she does her BEST to drain every last drop of CUM from the prick. Lexxxi takes most of the salty semen in her mouth. She strokes the SPENT penis long after ORGASM and shows off her CUM covered tits.


Tormented Cock and 16 seconds of Spurting Cum - Lexxxi has the most amazing body, not to mention a pair of incredible NATURAL tear drop tits. Beneath her lay a naked male bound and secured to the floor his arms and legs powerless. This helpless male and his defenseless cock have NO idea what lays in store. Lexxxi forces the slave's tongue to satisfy her asshole and dripping wet pussy. She grinds her massive ASS directly on the slave's face, at times allowing no air to pass to his worthless lungs. She uses slow forceful strokes and the limp cock is sporting an impressive erection. You can see the head of the penis begin to swell and all the veins protrude. She really teases and taunts the vulnerable penis never stroking quite fast enough thus foiling its attempt to ejaculate. At times she just lets go of the tormented penis. Lexxxi is in total control. The combination of her cruel hands, suffocating ASS, and mesmerizing breasts causes the defenseless cock to EXPLODE. For nearly 16 SECONDS this cock surrenders one of the biggest CUMSHOTS... You would think this would make Lexxxi happy, but it didn't. She gave this DICK a brutal POST ORGASM MILKING. Rubbing the palm of her hand over the EXTREMELY sensitive head of the cock for what seems like forever. The slave's skinny pathetic body jolts violently as the PAIN becomes too much.


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