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May 16, 2011
Can you please Lady Bella? Are you man enough to satisfy the BUSTY Canadians large appetite for cock? We're going to find out shortly. Bella has her slave bound and shackled to the MILKING table. The slave has NO use of his appendages, allowing the MATURE handjob princess 100% access to his 10inch cock. She teases the big ERECTION with her perfectly French manicured fingers. Bella praises the captive COCK for it's ability to withhold SEMEN. The OVER-SIZED piece of meat is strictly for her pleasure. She puts the DICK through many different tests then ALLOWS it to CUM. Afterwards she MILKS the penis long after ORGASM. She squeezes the PENIS extremely hard from base to tip, ensuring every drop of semen is drained from the BIG dick.


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