Lady Bella

Age: 38
Body Type: voluptuous
Stats: 32-25-38
Bra: 32FF
Breast Type: real expensive
Weight: 118 lbs
Height: 5'4"
Location: Ontario, BC
Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: no / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: bartender


Lady Bella is making her FIRST ever Adult movie and boy are we lucky. This mature MILF is beautiful and dominant all in one. We are just scratching the surface of her demented MIND. The hard core SIZE queen has a commanding presence on camera. Her handjobs skills are outstanding. We hope to have many more films of Lady Bella on Hand Domination.


List of Lady Bella episodes


She literally SQUEEZED all the life out of this DICK - Lady Bella loves to give handjobs to big cocks. Her enormous 32FF breasts provide more than enough incentive to any penis. The beautiful MILF is fixated with the "head" of dicks. She pays special attention to the dickhead admiring all the pre-cum generated from her busty handjob. The long cock is spoiled resting between Bella's giant tits while she tugs away at it. Soon the oiled up dick shoots a thick load of SEMEN coating Bella's oversized breasts. Afterwards the Canadian MILF delivered one of the most violent Post Orgasm Milking's ever. The amount of force she exerting upon the PENIS trying to retrieve SEMEN made the cock turn BRIGHT red. She did this over and over, until this dick was literally done!


Lady Bella really knows how to knock a man DOWN a notch - Don't let your wife or girlfriend view this Femdom handjob video. Lady Bella is in rare form. She exposes the MANY shortcomings of the MALE penis to her girlfriends. The top heavy MILF with the terrible temper has the upper hand in this fight. The body attached to the cock is helplessly trapped underneath Bella. This is NOT your regular cupcake gloryhole. You won't be leaving UNTIL she's through with you. The sound of a defenseless DICK being pounded against hickory wood is unnerving. This Femdom handjob does not end well, for the cock that is.


F-cup Housewife has her day RUINED by cumming cock - Bella begins her morning as she always does. A glass of wine, cigar, 10 inch penis and the latest gossip magazine gets her day going. The Canadian cock stroking housewife is obsessed with the high fashion. She is so in to her morning routine that she pays no attention to the DICK while stroking it. Her gigantic F-cup breasts and skillful handjob cause the COCK to explode a bit prematurely. The spewing DICK shoots SEMEN all over her magazine and lit cigar. Bella flies into a rage. She takes her CUM covered magazine a beats the defenseless cock silly. Her morning is ruined.


Welcome to Big Cock BOOT camp with busty Lady Bella - Can you please Lady Bella? Are you man enough to satisfy the BUSTY Canadians large appetite for cock? We're going to find out shortly. Bella has her slave bound and shackled to the MILKING table. The slave has NO use of his appendages, allowing the MATURE handjob princess 100% access to his 10inch cock. She teases the big ERECTION with her perfectly French manicured fingers. Bella praises the captive COCK for it's ability to withhold SEMEN. The OVER-SIZED piece of meat is strictly for her pleasure. She puts the DICK through many different tests then ALLOWS it to CUM. Afterwards she MILKS the penis long after ORGASM. She squeezes the PENIS extremely hard from base to tip, ensuring every drop of semen is drained from the BIG dick.


This video would be a lot better if she didn't hold back - After being with her boyfriend for nearly 5 years, it's OVER! In the beginning things were GREAT. Bella's boyfriend did all the LITTLE things to make her feel special. She could tolerate his tiny PENIS and unsatisfying sex. However, as with most relationships the "honeymoon phase" faded. The considerate, attentive doting boyfriend was no longer there. The prime of her life WASTED on a small DICK. The 38 year old Canadian cougar is looking to make up for lost time. While stroking a HUGE 10 inch cock she reveals to the WORLD the TRUTH about her EX's small dick.


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