Jessica Sexxxton

Age: 54
Body Type: Petite
Stats: 33-26-35
Bra: 33C
Breast Type: natural
Weight: 116 lbs
Height: 5'2"
Location: Reston, Va
Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: caucasian
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: banker


Jessica Sexxxton is the “real life” Mom of Monica Sexxxton. That’s right, a real life Mom and daughter combination. Jessica used to work in the corporate world of banking. Bored to tears by stuffy meetings, poor pay, and early hours Mom followed daughter into PORN. Jessica is a fun loving Mom who loves the outdoors and is an avid fisher-woman …. Mom and daughter can often be heard debating over proper blowjob and handjob techniques. Hopefully Mom and daughter will do a scene together.


List of Jessica Sexxxton episodes


REAL Mom and Daughter are too much for one DICK - I'm not sure what's more weird, the GIANT dick poking from the hole or the REAL life mother and daughter team jerking it off. Mom and daughter admire the large penis poking through the gloryhole. They both take turns showing off their handjob skills on the anonymous MAN meat. The unusual bond between the two is strange yet erotic. The twisted mom and daughter finish off the big cock squeezing gobs and gobs of thick SEMEN from it. Long after ORGASM Mom and daughter continued to stroke and abuse the big dick.


Witness a Mothers unusual methods to help SON fall asleep - It’s the night before high school football tryouts. Jessica’s son struggles to understand basic schemes and concepts of JV football. As Jessica settles into her bedtime routine, she’s startled when she hears her son scream “FUCK” from his bedroom. He should be asleep. The concerned Mommy enters the sons’ bedroom to find out the problem. The son explains that he’s extremely nervous about tomorrows tryouts. He’s undersized and lacks real football experience. He can’t sleep. Thankfully Mommy knows the trick. The twisted MILF begins massaging her sons’ chest and arms. She slowly pulls back the bed covers and proceeds to remove juniors underwear. The manipulative Mother begins jerking off the anxiety ridden SON in the most loving manner. While performing the taboo practice, the Mom reassured her son that he would make the team. “Get that poison out of your system,” she chanted while eagerly anticipating a release from the young cock. Moms outstanding handjob caused a powerful release of son SEMEN. The horny Mom stroked her sons DICK long after orgasm. With all the poison out of his system, Mom kissed the son goodnight and tucked him in. He feel asleep instantly.


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