JC Simpson

Age: 19
Body Type: perfect
Stats: 34-24-38
Bra: 34B
Breast Type: natural
Weight: 128 lbs
Height: 5'11"
Location: Austin, Texas
Status: single
Orientation: bisexual
Ethnicity: caucasian
Smoke / Drink: yes / yes
Education: some college
Occupation: fetish model


List of JC Simpson episodes


JC milked the unknown cock much longer than she needed TOO! - JC loves too workout and keep her body in top shape. The six foot blonde AMAZON revealed her secret that makes her SO big and so strong. Workout, orgasm, protein. The gloryhole BOX with a hanging cum filled cock provides her the BEST SOURCE protein. The abusive blonde forcefully slaps and speed bags the unguarded man meat and testicles. The anonymous cock began to drip from all the torment. JC's Femdom handjob pushed the unknown penis past the point of no return. She collected the liquid protein in a clear cup. The handjob blonde milked the dick after ORGASM much longer than she needed too. JC's strong biceps squeeze EVERY drop of man juice the cock had to offer.


Beautiful hard body TEEN uses unprotected cock for HER pleasure - Sometimes handjobs aren't enough for JC. The beautiful five foot eleven TEEN wants to use the cock for HER pleasure. First she must get the limp dick hard. The talented teen used her skillful hands teasing every inch of the penis until it reached a FULL erection. JC rubbed the head of the cock over her super sensitive clit. She couldn't resist putting the unprotected DICK inside her dripping wet snatch. The Amazon teen rode the stiff ERECTION to several body shuttering ORGASMS. Then the handjob continued. Slow and steady those talented hands brought the freshly fucked cock to a powerful spurting SPERM explosion. JC jerked the spent dick long after ORGASM. She made sure the drain the cock completely dry!


Femdom handjob produced one of the BIGGEST abandoned ORGASMS ever - Standing nearly 6 feet tall JC is a physically imposing girl. The 20 year old hard body has never seen a DICK she didn't love to beat. Bound to the KNEELING MILKER, the slave has NO use of his arms or legs. There is NOTING he can do to stop the abuse. JC teases and strokes the extra-large penis. The abusive handjob produced one of the BIGGEST sperm explosions EVER. JC completely let go of the cock at the moment of ORGASM. The cruel handjob princess laughed and watched every drop of cum drain from the beaten cock.


Which cock will WIN over JC? - The mood has been set candles, candy, and cocks. Two cocks will go head to HEAD for JC's approval. The highly critical COCK critic will hold nothing back as she evaluates two DICKS. Both cocks go untouched for nearly 7 minutes as JC has multiple orgasms with a powerful vibrator. The captive cocks are then jerked simultaneously. One cock is noticeably bigger. However, the size obsessed TEEN will shocks us with her verbal thrashing of the bigger dick. Which dick does JC choose? I can't reveal which dick wins but rest assured BOTH dicks are abused long after ORGASM! This is Femdom handjob for your collection.


JC has LITTLE respect for big PENIS - There's NO DOUBT who's in control of this cock. The slave is bound to the MILKING bench using genuine leather restraints and steel padlocks. JC has FULL access to the defenseless DICK. The beautiful blonde with the BULGING biceps pulverizes the crooked cock. JC physically abused the captive cock while giving a masterful handjob. At times she would let go of the DICK in mid stroke and just watch it twitch and bounce. The sadistic AMAZON teen enjoyed giving a cruel femdom handjob. She jerked the massive cock until it began ejaculating, then she let go. JC laughed as the PENIS tried to rid itself of SEMEN. Afterwards, she stroked the SENSITIVE dickhead long after ORGASM.


Beautiful Teen lets go of Big Cock and watches it CUM - JC slowly undresses while the DICK beneath her lays lifeless. The beautiful 19 year old is fascinated by the penis poking through the hole. She gets completely NUDE and has FUN with the ANONOMOUS cock. The talented TEEN put the big DICK through the paces, using her hands and FEET on it. The gloryhole handjob ended with a ruined ORGASM. The cruel cockstroker let go and laughed, as SPERM poured from the penis. "Is that it"? The amount of CUM failed to impress JC. NOT good. The blonde AMAZON stroked the super SENSITIVE dick head way long after orgasm.


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