The Bound Penis whose Orgasm was not too be Denied
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duration: 19:48
January 18, 2010
Mistress Eve has her slave blindfolded and bound at the wrists, thighs, and ankles using genuine leather restraints. She waists no time USING the unguarded MAN MEAT for her pleasure. While franticly fingering her pussy with one hand, she strokes the wet shiny DICK with the other. She stares intently at the shackled COCK paying close attention as it hardens and thickens. Eve expresses her dissatisfaction with the PENIS … calling it “a skinny PEE WEE fucking DICK”. She makes the SLAVE acknowledge the FACT that his dick is utterly worthless. Having complete POWER over the defenseless mediocre cock causes Mistress Eve to ORGASM hard. She takes ownership of the PENIS referring to it as “hers”. She deploys an arsenal of excellent handjob techniques upon the cock. The small skilful Latin hands prove too much for the exposed penis. The testicles are full and ready to burst. The slave announces that he is going to ejaculate. Twice, Eve denies the PENIS an orgasm by literally BEATING the hell out of it! Finally she allows the COCK to CUM. It’s a MIGHTY blast. She MILKS every drop of SPERM out of the bewildered DICK. Satisfied there’s no SEMEN left in the spent organ, she attacks the ultra SENSITIVE Dick HEAD long after ORGASM. The slave’s worthless shell jerks violently as he screams and moans in AGONY. Also there is some OUTSTANDING Assjob footage with Eve … make sure to check that out!


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