Eve Rosario

Age: 20
Body Type: voluptuous
Stats: 33-25-35
Bra: 33C
Breast Type: natural
Weight: 125lbs
Height: 5'2"
Location: ruskin, Fl
Status: marriad
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
Education: some college
Occupation: data entry - fetish model


Eve Rosario is a drop dead gorgeous Latina has recently made the jump from fetish photos to fetish videos. This girl is FIRE on film. Her naturally dominate personality jumps out you. She is in control and you know it. Eve has amazing handjob skills and isn‘t afraid to let her “true feelings“ pour out. We hope to have many more handjob shoots with Eve.

Q: How did you get into Adult movies?
A: Well, when I moved to Florida I posted a my profile on a popular fetish network site. There weren’t many female Latinas in the fetish world. The fetish community embraced me, and the rest is history.

Q: What age did you lose your virginity?
A: I was 16. I had sex at my boyfriends house while his parent were away.

Q: Was it painful?
A: Yes and no. I think I expected it to hurt so much but it really didn‘t. After a half hour or so it felt great.

Q: Did you continue to date this guy or did it end quickly?
A: No, it didn’t end quickly, it’s still going. We are married now.

Q: Does husband have a problem with you jerking off other guys?
A: No. Many say he is a jealous person but he’s not, he’s possessive. So as long as it’s no more than handjobs, he’ll be ok.

Q: What if your husband wanted to film with other girls, would you be ok with that?
A: As long as I could be present and participate I would be ok with it. I have to admit, I’m a jealous girl.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: I’m an avid reader, plus I like anything that you can do outdoors. I love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals. The penguins are my favorite.

Q: What sort of music do you listen too?
A: I don’t like new age rap but I love the old stuff. Some country is ok however I’m not into metal music.

Q: Are you a fan of “public displays” of affection?
A: Yes I am. I’m a PDA fan all the way! I love being intimate in public and I love watching too.

Q: Do you masturbate?
A: During sex I will masturbate to get me started, but that’s about it.

Q: What position gets you off best?
A: I love riding the dick that’s easiest for me. I can also nut in the missionary position also, but I have to be the one doing the fucking … just let me pump.

Q: You have a dominate personality, I can tell from your handjob video. Are you dominate with your husband?
A: No. I’m submissive with my husband but I have a rebellious side.

Q: Do you like rough sex?
A: Yes. I’m wanna those smack me bitches, choke me out right before I cum, turn me around and spank me until my ass turns purple … I’m one of those girls!


List of Eve Rosario episodes


Evil Eve let go as the BIG cock was cumming - Mistress Eve has her well ENDOWED slave confined to the kneeling milker. The kneeling MILKER is a crude yet highly effective BONDAGE device that trusts the PENIS forward while immobilizing the arms and legs. The beautiful Latina has FULL access to the 10inch curved cock. Enough with the hands, she wants the OVERSIZED organ in her mouth. The queen of MEAN beats the defenseless dick repeatedly, while her hands and mouth double team the PENIS. The battered big dick never goes soft from the infliction of pain. Once her ORAL fixation was quenched she allowed the penis to ejaculate. The hard throbbing cock began to cum and SHE LET GO! She watched as the DUMB dick twitched and bounced while trying to rid ITSELF of semen. Evil Eve offered absolutely no assistance to the CUMMING cock. Finally the SPENT prick couldn't muster anymore SEMEN. She attacked the super sensitive head of the penis stroking directly on it causing the slave to scream out in pain. Eve continued MILKING the dick long after ORGASM.


Mistress Eve has HIGH cock standards and a SHORT fuse - Eve isn't in the mood for a small PENIS. The dominate LATINA has a short fuse and FULL access to an unguarded cock. A crude makeshift GLORYHOLE keeps a 10inch COCK in captivity. This BIG dick will SUFFER for all the times a LITTLE dick has disappointed her. Mistress Eve beats this cock with a RAGE that only she can. This is way more than a harsh handjob. The battered ERECTION is like steel and NEVER goes limp during the SADISTIC treatment. The Femdom handjob princess strokes the PENIS close to ejaculation and releases the throbbing rod. She does this SEVERAL times watching the hands-FREE erection twitch and jump erratically. In an act of MERCY she allows the beaten DICK to surrender it SEMEN. She was so IMPRESSED. The HUGE cock seemed to EJACULATE forever. Cum poured from the dickhead like a faucet. Eve didn't stop there. She MILKED and MILKED this sensitive cock long after ORGASM.


Which Cock will CUM on command for Mistress Eve? - Two cocks dual for Mistress Eve's cruel affection. Each slave is bound at the wrists and ankles with genuine leather restraints. Their cocks lay helplessly exposed to one of the MOST sadistic penis pullers EVER! On her right, is the OLD reliable CURVED cock capable of maintaining an ERECTION for hours. Very dependable. To the left is the YOUNG dick, slightly longer and thicker with a much quicker response. Very sensitive. The bound DICKS must ejaculate on Mistress Eve's command and not a second before. She simultaneously strokes the cocks until both are RAGING hard and ready to explode. Her handjob skills are amazing. She measures each cocks tolerance for pain by slapping them profusely. The dominate Latina is MOST happy when inflicting PAIN! Both cocks are ready to BUST. Which cock will cum on command for Mistress Eve? I can't give it away, but I can promise you it won't be a happy ENDING for the dick that disappoints.


How does it feel to be Suffocated and FORCED to ejaculate? - You’re about to witness one of the MOST dominate females I’ve ever filmed. Mistress Eve’s slave is bound to the hickory wood MILKING bench. The slave dons a sight restrictive mask and his wrists and ankles have been fitted with genuine leather restraints. The arms and legs are padlocked securely to the black bench. The ample 9 inch cock is totally at the Mercy of Mistress Eve. That’s not good. She worships the LARGE erection, from the shaft to the bulbis head. With graphic detail, she describes her love of large penis while stroking and teasing the plus sized Pole with her tiny hands. However, it wasn’t enough to dominate the DICK, she wanted ABSOLUTE control. Cum or die. She fastens a leather belt around the slave’s neck and begins choking the life out of him. While NO air passages through his lungs, she continues stroking the dick. She can’t believe how hard it is … UNREAL! Whenever she loosens the ligature the slave loudly gasps for AIR! He really can’t breathe. The air constriction has caused a raging ERECTION. Eve wants the SEMEN from the sizable cock. She begins demanding the creamy man batter. While forcefully choking and stroking the helpless slave, the rock hard ERECTION begins shooting out tons of CUM. The sight of the SEMEN caused Eve to tighten the noose even more. MORE cum came out! She drains the testicles bone dry. When the noose is loosened the slave violently fights to take in air. Still, she’s not done. With drops of CUM still inside the COCK, she savagely beats and slaps the dick mercilessly. The slaves screams whiles his body violently jerks about. This is one of the MOST intense POST ORGASM Milkings ever captured on film!


Beautiful Hands and Feet on 10 inches of MAN meat - The beautiful and mysterious Eve Rosario has her slave where she wants him. Better yet, she has a HUGE defenseless 10 inch DICK where she wants it. The slave’s wrists and ankles are bound with genuine leather restraints. His legs have been forced apart with a spreader bar. Eve makes the slave lick her perfectly arched size FIVE feet while she strokes away at the Massive male organ. She is so DOMINATE and brutal, it’s enough to drive you insane. She mounts the slave’s chest, using him as a chair. She uses those petite FEET and slender fingers on the HUGE erection. Mistress Eve squeezes the ERECTION firmly between the heels of her feet. She proceeds to pulverize the PENIS with a series of forceful blows that would make a prizefighter blush. The dick is so AROUSED that the physical abuse does nothing to soften it. However, the sensory overload proves TOO much for the battered COCK. The dick gushes warm JIZZ all over Mistress Eve’s hands and feet. Then she unmercifully attacks the sensitive DICK HEAD long after ORGASM. The post orgasm milking is SO intense, she NEVER lets up.


The Bound Penis whose Orgasm was not too be Denied - Mistress Eve has her slave blindfolded and bound at the wrists, thighs, and ankles using genuine leather restraints. She waists no time USING the unguarded MAN MEAT for her pleasure. While franticly fingering her pussy with one hand, she strokes the wet shiny DICK with the other. She stares intently at the shackled COCK paying close attention as it hardens and thickens. Eve expresses her dissatisfaction with the PENIS … calling it “a skinny PEE WEE fucking DICK”. She makes the SLAVE acknowledge the FACT that his dick is utterly worthless. Having complete POWER over the defenseless mediocre cock causes Mistress Eve to ORGASM hard. She takes ownership of the PENIS referring to it as “hers”. She deploys an arsenal of excellent handjob techniques upon the cock. The small skilful Latin hands prove too much for the exposed penis. The testicles are full and ready to burst. The slave announces that he is going to ejaculate. Twice, Eve denies the PENIS an orgasm by literally BEATING the hell out of it! Finally she allows the COCK to CUM. It’s a MIGHTY blast. She MILKS every drop of SPERM out of the bewildered DICK. Satisfied there’s no SEMEN left in the spent organ, she attacks the ultra SENSITIVE Dick HEAD long after ORGASM. The slave’s worthless shell jerks violently as he screams and moans in AGONY. Also there is some OUTSTANDING Assjob footage with Eve … make sure to check that out!


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