Ashley Chambers

Age: 33
Body Type: Athletic
Stats: 38-24-32
Bra: 38E
Breast Type: Real Expensive
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5'2"
Location: Clearwater, Fl
Status: Single
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
Education: Some College
Occupation: Fitness Trainer


Ashley Chambers is a fitness instructor in Clearwater, Florida. She moonlights as a porn star in her free time. I couldn’t imagine her training me with those big ole 38E knockers. This girl is a slut, and I mean that is the best way. I think she would have done the shoot for free, in fact I know she would have. Ashley loves dicks and semen. Not to mention her SUPER big clit, any bigger and she would have a dick herself. Her sexual passion explodes on camera. She truly loves what she does and that's refreshing. I hope we are able to film with her again.

Q: What made you want to get into the porn industry?
A: Well I like to watch myself. I love to fuck. When I watch myself it's a big turn on, and I masturbate until I cum.

Q: How long have you been in the porn industry?
A: I think I'm going on two years or so.

Q: I noticed that you have a HUGE clit. Is it easy for you to orgasm?
A: Yes, it easy for me to orgasm. I'm also multi orgasmic because of my super large clit.

Q: What's your favorite sexual position?
A: I love doggie style. I love being fucked from behind.

Q: Do you like to be dominated?
A: Well I like to be dominate and I like to be dominated. I can switch depending on the mood.

Q: Are you bisexual?
A: Yes. I love pussy.

Q: When was your first sexual experience with another girl?
A: A couple of years ago. It was with my best friend, we've know each other since we were little. I was nervous somewhat about going down on her, but her pussy tasted good.

Q: Are you single, married, or dating?
A: I'm single.

Q: Outside of porn what's your sex life like?
A: I'm very sexual. Like I said before I love to fuck. I love masturbating. I just love to cum a lot.

Q: What do you use when you’re masturbating?
A: I use my hands, dildos, vibrators, even bottles.

Q: If you were on a deserted island, and you could bring only one toy what would it be?
A: I'd bring my vibrator and tons of batteries.

Q: Are you a size queen. Does a guy have to have a big dick to please you?
A: I love all cocks. Big, small, bent, straight, veiny, circumcised, uncircumcised ... I like them all.

Q: Your body looks great, are you into fitness?
A: Yes, I compete in fitness competitions all the time. I've been into fitness my entire life.

Q: Are you a football fan?
A: Yes, I love football. All the cocks, balls, and sweat.


List of Ashley Chambers episodes


Cheating Wife has FUN with 12inch MONSTER DICK - Ashley got married at a young age, she only had one sexual partner before she tied the knot. She thought all cocks were about five inches and sex lasted about three minutes. However, all that changed when she discovered her husbands’ online porn stash. She saw guys with great BIG giant DICKS pounding pussy for hours at a time. Ashley wanted a BIG cock for herself. She noticed that the majority of the guys with these great BIG COCKS were BLACK. She seduced one of her husbands’ black friends for some kinky fun. She wanted to experience his HUGE member without any interruptions. She sandwiched the slaves’ body between two pieces of hickory wood. The top board had a hole in it, which the massive penis passed through. Meanwhile the slaves wrists are fixed to the bottom board and his ankles are locked together, He is completely helpless. She has complete control over the 12 inch horse DICK. Ashley wastes no time wrapping her small hands around the HUGE penis. Not only is it long, but it’s thick as well. She shows off her awesome handjob skills on the 12 incher. The whole time she makes disparaging comments about her WHITE husband. The black cock is hard as ever. Ashley mounts the defenseless DICK. With twelve inches of man meat inside her dripping snatch, she has two powerful ORGASMS. Once she has satisfied her sexual lust she returns to jerking off the circus cock. Unable to withstand her forceful strokes any longer, the black cock erupts. Ashley swings the BIG cock around while it’s ejaculating, sending CUM flying everywhere. She milks the sensitive member long after ORGASM. When she is sure no more SEMEN can come out, she licks up every drop of CUM she can find, literally savoring the moment.


I will enjoy my Orgasm but You will not enjoy yours - From the onset there’s something different about Ashley Chambers, she’s not your average girl. For starters she has the biggest clit I’ve ever seen. Achieving orgasm is super easy for her, and exciting for us to watch. Ashley craves cock and could care less about the other parts of a man. She has bound her slaves’ arms and legs, he is completely helpless and reduced to just a Penis. With the slaves’ defenseless dick exposed, Ashley strokes the slaves’ cock with one hand, and pleasures her vagina with the other. She intensifies her clitoral sensation with a powerful vibrator that brings her to orgasm several times. The slaves’ testicles tighten and immediately produces a powerful rock solid erection. Ashley describes in great detail what her intentions are for the unguarded man meat. She pays close attention to the incredible size of the purple swollen head of the PENIS. Tracing her french manicured fingers around the head, it grows even larger. Now the teased prick is poised to explode. Unable to hold back any longer the DICK erupts, shooting out SEMNENIAL fluid much to Ashley’s’ delight. Even after expelling man juice the cock remains impressively stiff causing Ashley to deliver a long ball draining Post Orgasm Milking, but there’s a slight twist. Using her mouth she sucks out every drop of CUM, focusing her lips solely on the sensitive head of the Penis causing the slave extreme discomfort. She literally sucks this cock dry and savors the salty discharge.


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