Arianna LaBarbara

Age: 33
Body Type: Athletic
Stats: 34-26-34
Bra: 34DD
Breast Type: Implants
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5'4"
Location: Florida
Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: Yes / No
Education: College Graduate
Occupation: Adult Film Star


Arianna La Barbara started making adult films three years ago. She was always curious about porn and when a girlfriend in the adult industry suggested she try it she did. In her personal life, Arianna is straight but on camera she enjoys licking another girl’s clit. Arianna was born in the Northeast but grew up in Florida. She graduated from college with a degree in criminal justice. She got tired of the nine to five life and started doing porn on the side. She’s a mom with 2 kids. This MILF likes to explore her wild side on film and take it easy at home.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: I’m pretty lame; I don’t do the clubs anymore. I like wholesome fun. I’m pretty boring at home. I like to read and hang out with my kids.

Q: What type of activities do you do?
A: I take the kids to the beach. We have a jet ski. It’s fun and really good exercise.

Q: You have amazing tits. Do you attract a lot of attention when you’re out?
A: Sometimes I do get attention when I go out. And I’m dressed normal, but I get weirdos bugging me at times.

Q: Are you seeing someone right now?
A: No, I’m not dating right now. I haven’t ruled it out. I just haven’t met the right person yet.

Q: Describe that special someone. What do you look for in a guy?
A: Someone very goal oriented and ambitious. Even if he’s already successful he should have goals beyond what he’s already doing. It doesn’t have to be financial. It could be anything, learning, etc.

Q: What about height, short or tall?
A: I’m short so somebody taller. And somebody smart, not a box of rocks.

Q: Do you do one night stands?
A: Yeah, if I met a guy I liked, I’m not opposed to it.

Q: Do you like anal?
A: Yes! I do like anal.

Q:Do you prefer vaginal?
A: I like vaginal. I like to start with vaginal and then I’ll want anal. I’m sure some of your fans have seen me do anal.

Q: What’s your favorite type of music?
A: I’m lame, I love the 80’s.

Q: Are you into sports?
A: No. Next…

Q: Big cock, small cock?
A: Sometimes I crave a big cock and then I want it smaller. So I guess you can’t win with me. I think my ideal cock would be about 6 to 7 inches and have some girth.


List of Arianna LaBarbara episodes


Is it TRUE that Money can’t Buy Love? - Nothing ruins a relationship faster than lack of money. Arianna has absolutely no respect for her financially challenged husband. She wants everything his MONEY can’t buy. The financial strain has taken it’s toll on the marriage. Her husbands helpless PENIS has been passed through a GLORYHOLE. Using heavy duty leather restraints, his body is strapped securely to the solid construction hickory broad. This does not allow him to remove his DICK from the “hatehole“, while receiving a fucked up handjob. Full of anger and rage, Arianna releases a verbal and physical beat down on the defenseless DICK. In graphic detail, she describes fantasies of being fucked by other men while forcing him to watch. She berates his poor penis, admitting that it is unable to satisfy her pussy while savagely slapping the unguarded ERECTION. The Cuckold hubby is humiliated and degraded horribly. The financial DOMINATION is relentless. In a last ditch effort to impress the money loving cock stroking CUNT the PENIS erupts, blasting Arianna directly in the face. With warm CUM dripping from her face and tits, she attacks the sensitive head of the penis. Unable to free his penis from the hole, the sitting duck DICK has no choice but to endure the abuse.


Whoever said Two is better than One Never Saw this Video - Madam Arianna runs an upscale escort agency that caters to high end clientele … congressmen, lawyers, doctors. She’s always looking to hire young beautiful girls, because they can fetch top dollar. Arianna takes a hands on approach when selecting and grooming her girls. This dedication to excellence has earned her agency an outstanding reputation and tons of repeat business. Arianna has secured the stunt DICK to a crude bondage device. The slave is blindfolded, his ankles and wrists have been fitted with genuine leather restraints and locked into place. The women have total control over the unguarded PENIS. With Arianna looking on, Lorelie begins stroking the limp COCK. In no time the slave is sporting a powerful ERECTION. With her eyes fixed on the impressive hard-on, Arianna begins pleasuring her pussy with a powerful vibrator and barking out commands. Lorelie listens carefully, while showing off her outstanding handjob skills. Visualizing the STEEL erection pleasuring her pussy, Arianna has an intense ORGASM. So far so good for Lorelie. Arianna perversions get the best of her, as she takes the throbbing boner in her mouth. She slowly deep throats the man meat as Lorelie watches in amazement. The girls begin to stroking the DICK in tandem, trying to one up the other. Unable to withstand the dual sensation the DICK explodes with cum dripping from the head of it. However, the lack luster SEMENIAL production causes the girls to attack the defenseless PENIS. The girls attack the super SENSITIVE head with no mercy. The POST ORGASM ABUSE is criminal in nature. The slaves’ body jerks violently and he screams out in agony, nearly breaking the bondage device. The girls could care less and continue their savage exploitation of the defenseless Organ for way too long.


Up and Coming UFC fighter taps out against two Pussies - Arianna (yellow) and Lorelie (red) have an immense task before them. Today they attempt to dominate an up and coming UFC mixed martial arts fighter. I know what you’re thinking … how can two pussies dominate one hostile DICK? I’ll tell you. For starters, the girls have bound their captive to the MILKING bench. The wannabe tough guy has no use of his arms or legs, and is helpless against the girls’ advances. Arianna begins stroking the placid PENIS while Lorelie smothers the slaves face with her GIGANTIC Ass. The combination of Lorelie HUGE ass and Arianna soft hands quickly cause a STEEL erection. Arianna’s manicured hands masterfully manipulate the unguarded COCK. She strokes it slowly, just enough to stay hard but not enough to achieve orgasm. Sensing the cock is ready to explode, Arianna summons Lorelie by her side to evaluate the size of the cumshot. With Arianna coaxing the COCK with those magical hands, and Lorelie looking on, the PENIS erupts, shooting powerful jets of thick white SEMEN in the air. The girls aren’t impressed though, and with that the COCK abuse begins. Arianna attacks the sensitive head of the Penis with those french manicured hands. The muscle bound captive screams out in pain and his body jerks violently. Arianna shows no mercy and continues attacking the defenseless DICK. The slave is screaming in agony and writhing in pain. Lorelie once again smothers his face with her huge bubble BUTT in an effort to silence the slave. All you hear are muffled screams as the POST ORGASM ABUSE continues ….


Claims of Erectile Dysfunction cause Battered Cock Syndrome - Arianna Labarbara is a mild-mannered doctor by day and a controlling Dominatrix by night. Dr. La Barbara gets her thrills by abusing submissive males. Sometimes she channels her frustrations of being a woman in a male dominated profession on unsuspecting male prey. Today, Dr. La Barbara sits down with a young male patient faking erectile dysfunction in order to get a prescription for erectile dysfunction pills. She’s already incredibly pissed off that during a morning meeting her boss could barely keep his eyes off her enormous tits. She’s so tired of not being taken seriously at work because of her looks (those sexist pricks!) And now this little punk is in her office wasting her time. She’s going to make them all pay, starting with this coward. Dr. La Barbara secured her patient to the bondage box so she could do a proper inspection of his reproductive organs. The exam quickly takes a turn for the worse as she sits on her patient’s face and smothers the poor prick. “Lick my asshole!” she commands. The face sitting lasts for nearly four minutes when her patient stops. The doctor loses her cool and shouts at him, “I didn’t tell you to stop. Shut up and lick it. Lick it clean!” Then the doctor pulls the dick out of his shorts and says she wants to get his cock hard. She tells her patient to think about fucking his doctor. “Will it grow if I squeeze the balls?” she asks with a devious smile. Suddenly furious, she calls him a liar and goes crazy on the testicles. She pummels the dick and slaps it around then pulls out some clothespins. “You don’t fuck with my time,” she says as she attaches clothespins to the sensitive sack. The testicles are red and swollen from the pressure. She clamps a clothespin onto the sensitive head. When her patient screams she purrs, “You’ll never waste my time again will you?” The doctor decides to pleasure herself by grinding her pussy against the abused meatstick. She demands he make her pussy wet. The doctor tells her patient that liars don’t get any pussy. “You want to be a good patient? Give me that cum.” The doctor strokes the dick furiously. Suddenly the pulverized penis ejaculates sending semen flying up and onto the doctor’s chin. Dr. La Barbara is furious. “Did I tell you to cum on my chin?” she says as cum drips from her chin down onto her D cup breasts. The poor patient got an excruciating slapfest to his deflated penis. And thanks to the doctor his ego is in tatters too. Dr. La Barbara leaves him bound to freshen up for her next appointment.


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